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Shaolin's 9 monkeys expanded gameplay trailer breaks down key features

Shaolin’s 9 monkeys expanded gameplay trailer breaks down key features

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Ravenscourt and Buca Entertainment have released an expanded gameplay trailer for it 9 Shaolin monkeys On the Nintendo Switch.

Its narrative about the upcoming game, combat and progress systems, weapons, enemies and co-op mode can be used to showcase key features.

In Shaolin’s 9 Monkeys, you play as a Chinese fisherman Wei Chen in an old-school beat m up set up in medieval China. He avenges the death of his family and friends after a pirate attack kills his peaceful village.

Thanks to him he knew the basics of ancient martial arts, once mastered by the legendary Shaolin monks, using his martial arts to eliminate enemy hordes.

With more than 25 levels to fight on your way, you will use 10 different Chinese and Japanese poles to beat your enemies while calling out three fighting styles that use land, air, or mysterious magic spells.

There are also perks and items to unlock and the opportunity to team up with a friend in a co-game to fight against the growing waves of enemies that charge in your direction.

Shaolin’s Monkeys will be released at retail and the Nintendo Ishop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 16, 2020.