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Does your HDR screen look yellow? Microsoft has not had a solution for a month

A bug identified in Windows 11 distorts the colors of HDR screens, especially on some editing tools … to the point of turning white to yellow. Microsoft is working on a fix, but it will not be available on our computers until the end of January.

Windows 11 is plagued by a bug that is particularly annoying for creative users working on HDR screens.

Creative users working on Windows 11, HDR screen suffer from annoying bug // Source: Microsoft

Have you been using Windows 11 and your HDR screen has been showing yellow instead of white for some time? No need to dig into your display settings, this is an OS error. Microsoft confirms, the latter affects colors “Some image editing programs … some HDR screens2, the company explains. Related Domin hardware, Most affected users face white which turns yellow or bright yellow, but other color failures are also much less common.

For now, it is even harder to specify the circumstances that lead to the appearance of this error, which is particularly troubling for creative users. It has taken some time for Microsoft to identify this HDR issue affecting Windows 11 21H2.

A fix is ​​ready … but by the end of January

This problem occurs when some Win32 color rendering APIs provide unexpected information or errors under certain conditions.Microsoft is making progress though. “Not all color profile management programs are affected, and the color profile options available on the Windows 11 settings page, including the Microsoft Color Control Panel, should work just fine.Relaxes the company.

The fact is that there is no definitive solution for the affected users – at least in the near future. Ensures Microsoft runs a deployment without risk of communicating an exact date. “At the end of JanuaryIn other words, nothing should change in a month.

Note that Windows 11 has encountered many annoying bugs since its release in early October. Some were affected, for example, the launch of applications, while others affected fifty games. Processor or storage performance issues mentioned by Microsoft in its new OS were later fixed.

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