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Etudiants marocains d'Ukraine: Des documents à télécharger avant le 31 mai

Documents to be downloaded before May 31

The Ministry of Higher Education has set up an online site for Moroccan students in Ukraine. Students must upload documents by May 31.

Moroccan students who returned to Morocco after the Russian military operation in Ukraine are still without a solution just weeks before the end of the university year.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation has announced that it will provide them with a digital platform to download documents related to their studies at Ukrainian universities.

The site can be accessed through the link “”, the ministry said in a statement. The Ministry invites the concerned students to pay full attention to the deadline for uploading the required documents and insists that the stage will be closed above 00:00 on May 31, 2022.

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Meanwhile, their parents’ struggles to integrate them into medical, pharmacy and dental universities in Morocco continue.

On Wednesday, parents of Moroccan students in Ukraine staged another protest in front of the ministry’s headquarters, urging the immediate implementation of a solution, especially since the situation in Ukraine is not yet clear.

The ministry has offered to re-admit students at Moroccan universities after a test to determine their status and class. It has worked to agree to coordinate with the countries bordering Ukraine in the universities in those countries.

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Government spokesman Mustafa Baidas, a few weeks ago, responded to a question from Moroccan students in Ukraine that the file follows multiple levels, first determining the number of students and their status. , The second step is to find solutions to integrate them in Morocco or abroad.

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Parents of students who for their part want to integrate their children directly into Moroccan universities and refuse to take the tests, they want quick and “unconditional” integration.

© Mounir Mehimdate