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DJI Action 2 Test: An Original Action-Game, Disabled by Excessive Heat

DJI Action 2 Test: An Original Action-Game, Disabled by Excessive Heat

Video quality

The DJI Action 2 features a 1 / 1.7 “12 Mpx sensor that opens the optics at f / 2.8 and offers a very wide field angle of 155. With a maximum definition of 4K and 60 fps 4/3 format. For slow motion lovers, the action allows you to capture images at 240 i / s, but only at 1080p, if you are a fan Live broadcast, The camera allows broadcasting at 1080p / 30 fps.

By default, images offer a more loyal rendering of the “normal” color scale. Those who find this mode too saturated can opt for the “D-Cinelike” profile, which provides a more neutral image and can be customized by post-production enthusiasts.

D-Cinyl colors
Normal colors

The only real drawback in this Action 2 is the design which is more than 4K. On the GoPro, the Hero10 Black offers recordings of up to 5.3K, which is always useful for sculpting. For others, the image of Action 2 is much better, but it does not reach the level of ONE R of Insta 360. With a similar design, the ONE R delivers more image.

Insta360 ONE R
DJI Action2

To fix the distortion, the DJI always uses the dwarf function, which adjusts the distortion effect of the super wide angle. The latter is very effective and manages to adjust the aspect of the video without losing much quality even if the important crop is done.

Ultra-wide angle with dwarf
Ultra-wide angle without dwarf

Since the camera has not been able to maintain recording in 4K for a long time, we based our image quality rating to Full HD, which automatically provides less detail than 4K.

The arrival of the maintenance of the horizon

The stabilization called Rocksteady 2.0 has two types of fixes. Rocksteady is a classic “crop” that does not seem to have evolved much more than Osmo Action. It works on all formats and does a good job, but not yet on the scale offered by GoPro. In addition to this stabilization, DJI also integrates Horizonsteady. This feature further sculpts the image to compensate for the camera roll.

An interesting function, but not as successful as the Hero10 Black. Additionally, the latter is only available at 2.7K and up to 60 fps. We were able to observe more vibrations in the film, especially when the light was slightly dimmed. If you want to film any kind of lights, it will be even easier to see if they shine more than right.

Photo quality

In still photos, Action 2 can capture photos between ISO 100 and 6400. It has a manual mode and can “shoot” in green (.DNG format). Images are better developed up to ISO 400.


From 800 ISO, in Raw, a digital noise starts to appear, but it is manageable up to 1600 ISO. After this stage, the noise will be high. In jpeg, the same problem occurs, but with additional softening. Processing in ISO 800 is highly visible and up to ISO 1600 is acceptable. Beyond that, the film irreversibly loses quality.

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