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The PS4 and PS5 free games of May 2021 are marked by a leak - Nerd 4. Life

Did the free games for PlayStation Plus June 2021, PS4 and PS5 emerge in a leak? –

We are waiting for the news B.S. of June 2021, Or I Free games for PS4 and PS5 It should be announced this week, precisely Wednesday 26th May, if all goes according to plan, but it looks like it has already been leaked with a leak announced by the Arizugons website. Star Wars: Scraddrans, Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown e Operation: Tango.

Apparently, everything should be taken as a simple rumor without any confirmation, but in support of the evidence in question, it should be said that he accurately predicted the arrival of Battlefield V and Stranded Deep on May 2021 PS Plus before the announcement officer. Therefore, there may be reliable sources to indicate them.

Operation: According to the leak, in June 2021 P.S. Plus the complete novelty would be tango

If you like, another clue in support of this theory is that the Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown was uploaded to the BSN database in the PS4 version last month. Of the three titles that have been released, Star Wars: Scrattrans and the Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown will be for the PS4, while Operation: Tango will be the PS5 game, so it will launch live on the PS Plus first day.

As for Star Wars: Forces, this is one Simulation / shooter With a space setting that incorporates the atmosphere and style of the old X-Wing and Die Fighter, the Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown requires minimal presentations: this is the definitive version of the fifth episode of the popular series Fighting game Seka’s 3D.

Function: Tango will be a complete innovation instead, it is a specific one Cooperative adventure Focused on the world Spy, To complete various tasks using hacker techniques, gadgets and various spy skills. With the official announcement of the PS Plus of June 2021, it is set to take place on Wednesday 26th May at 17:00 hrs.

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