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Struggle for Justice Today DC Superhero Women: Teen Power

Struggle for Justice Today DC Superhero Women: Teen Power

In the latest action adventure for Nintendo Switch Female power trend. Henceforth, players can: Inside DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power Immerse yourself in the struggle for justice as heroines like Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Badgirl. The current trailer provides a forecast of the adventures awaiting you in the metropolis DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power – Available Now! On the officer German language YouTube channel from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch title is based on the animated series DC Superhero Girls and offers a new adventure with popular characters. The task is to free Metropolis from the clutches of some of the worst villains in the DC Universe. At the same time, friends need to keep their secret identities and fix their lives as ordinary heroes at Metropolis High School as a superhero.

DC Superhero Girls: In Teen Power battles, players can easily combine different attacks to create quick combos. On top of that, they vary depending on the superhero. Wonder Woman uses the lasso and her aircraft armor of her truth, Supergirl has thermal vision and super breath, and invented useful tools such as Badgirl Batrang and Bad-Hook. Enthusiastic Harley Quinn can make thankful jumps to his Ulk Springs, Catwoman uses his cat dance as a skilled jewelry thief and Star Sapphire traps enemies with his romantic spell. Thanks to these skills, the main villain Toyman’s aides have no idea what is happening to them.

When they are not engaged in arguments that they like in the name of justice, players can explore different neighborhoods of the metropolis and visit the best places from the series. In doing so, they save runaway cats, or underline new winter clothing to underline their unique style. You can rebuild the ruined part of the city, helping the metropolis to thrive again with new shops and buildings.

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DC Superhero Girls: With Teen Power, players can expect an exciting adventure in the role of famous teenage superheroes. Can they save the metropolis?

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