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Diablo Immortal, Proven: A New Encounter with Technology Alpha

Diablo Immortal, Proven: A New Encounter with Technology Alpha

We run the technical alpha, challenging ourselves with crusade testing and final game content

In Diablo is immortal We told you about this a few months ago during the first technology alpha, and before that, during a test directly from Bliscan. In both cases, aside from the caustic sentiments given by the brand’s arrival on mobile, the hack should give at least one chance to this new iteration of ‘N’ Slash Lord, in short, not a one-way classic mobile phone game, but a truly beautiful product, ready to leave its mark Prove to all the big fans.

So, returning to the sanctuary for the third time in a smaller version can only be a sure confirmation of what has been said in the past, adding some details to update the fire, starting with the return of the Crusades to the PVP. Disabled in recent months, but this will be one of the main contents of the launch. However, we must also acknowledge that playing knowing that we will lose everything is a bigger break than our initial pace, however one aspect has changed over time from our view to food for thought rather than enjoyment. Let’s see why together.

A new class in your hands

Unlike the last test, we mainly used barbarian, the Crusaders The ruling class of this technical alpha. The Crusaders were our choice as the main character of Diablo III, but the minimal levels were enough to notice the complete disintegration of the hero.

From the irreplaceable statue tank to the exaggerated damage machine, the new Steady has excellent mobility and the ability to create AoE capabilities for practically all sporting areas. As if this were not enough, continuous damage, blindness and confusing effects came and there was no famine for stuns and stuns for the three hundred and sixty degree control of the enemy mob. Due more Difficulty level Measured downwards, probably the only negative element of the whole test is that we have no problem getting our way between the new game zones and their bosses, which we hope will naturally increase the difficulty in the future without waiting for conditions. Things in “hell” should at least be a little more interesting.

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Game customization is great!

The new alpha has also increased Level cap up to level 55, We’re going to stop at five levels before the age of sixty, and that will be the whole game. Here, unfortunately, the strong sense of wasting time, given that if the game system is functional and pleasant is true, the taste for the development and continued improvement of the character who saw it fail, from here soon our progress will be destroyed by the sponge swipe. Despite this horrible feeling, every time we go to the servers there is always a special situation, a split with the bosses or some daily activities last week, which can only run a signal light bulb when you need to talk. Depending on the gameplay, a word is a little strong and exaggerated, but capable of making it clear again and again how greedy the actions are: first the points of experience and then the search for that myth, which we cannot do without our structure.

To add a little spice, Blizzard thought to introduce later Two new complete parts, A meadow and icy tundra with lots of new dungeons and end owners, the systems are always very finished and enough to bring the variety needed to wander from the classic dungeons full of undead and graves.

Complete sports activities as if it were raining

Barbarian is always an angry one
Barbarian is always an angry one

Blizzard has finally decided to introduce PVP, Not in Diablo III, but more indestructible than a simple fight between challenges. This allows players to take pages in two opposite categories: Shadows of the Immortals And fight for the sound of beats and spells in a kind of continuous and continuous battle on the owned server. Immortals were bred to protect the sanctuary from hell, however shadows were created to maintain balance, constantly testing the immortals and ensuring that unqualified guards kept the sanctuary in a cycle for a long time. I see the winners and losers constantly changing roles over the seasons. The rewards are numerous, especially for the immortals, who can stay and sit in high positions, and if you are elected as the leader of the immortals you will want to have a unique idol within the server.

The hope is that Immortal will not fall into the trap of pay for success
The hope is that Immortal will not fall into the trap of pay for success

The immortals will also have access Dungeon Note to finish: You can cooperate with the other 47 players, where you can defeat four different bosses and gain power as soon as one of the “brothers” gets a dangerous blow. At this point, coordination and cooperation with the other players becomes very important and tries to bring down the four enemies in unison, just like what happened with the Ahn Kraj Buck Trio about World of Warcraft. Shadows, on the other hand, can be tested by conducting real experiments against treasure chests and capturing them by trying to steal their rewards from the immortals. If PVP is not enough, you will forgive us if some of the dynamics to date are still a little unclear, but if the time available in the alpha is too tight to actively participate in these events, there are new dungeons where you can test powers, challenging new skills or bosses with unique abilities , With almost infinite potential to expand challenges.

New Dungeon It’s called Helicory and according to the blizzard it would be a real hell to deal with, requiring preparation above average. Inside the new event a new boss will be waiting for you every month, and with his failure, you will not be able to earn bonuses and unique items in any other way, which of course is a worthy challenge for those who want to crush the most Diablo immortal.

The recent releases on Diablo Immortal are truly incredible. Combining all the contents that came with this alpha and comparing them to Diablo III, the third chapter comes out with broken bones. PvP actually looks like a blast and would be an optional choice if you are not enjoyable, but only for PvE each month the activities continue to expand and improve. There are doubts in the balance of classes, for example, in favor of the monster hunter at this time, the details are still in all the contents of the season pass, we truly hope that the title bar will not move towards pay, especially the risk at the time of writing is certain. We will continue to update you on the news of this alpha in the coming weeks, so please follow us as there are many more things hidden in the gut of the sanctuary.

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  • Great to play the new version of Crusade
  • Looks like a PVP mammoth
  • Tons of new endcom activities


  • Can they balance everything?
  • The payoff for winning is always in the corner