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Device and driver manager will become simpler and more efficient

Windows 10 Device Manager is improving: Thanks to it, driver management will be much easier. Two new options appear: a warning when inadvertently removing drivers, and a new display mode, which makes it easier to detect installed drivers.

Manage Windows 10 devices Not always obvious, especially to the less expert. Need to remove a specific driver when installing new ones, can I uninstall a driver for a component you think will never be used? To make it easier for users, Upgrading Microsoft Device Manager Windows 10 with new options.

In this new feature program: A warning message And especially new display modes when uninstalling a device. There are so many changes in the latest operating system update.

Clearly shows drivers for all devices on the Windows 10 system

So two new features have appeared in the new build of Windows 10. The first concerns about uninstalling the hardware driver. When uninstalling drivers for a device, A message now warns you, especially if the component is in use. What prevents a key driver from unfortunately uninstalling in order for the system to function properly. Easily detects devices that use such or such a driver and allows you to cleanly uninstall every unused driver.

Windows 10 Device Driver Removal

The second innovation is about the device manager’s display mode. Until now, hardware components could be listed by type, connection, and resource but not according to the drivers used. This is now being done on the latest build of Windows 10. This is now possibleShow elements of the manager by classifying them by pilot. Three options are actually available:

  • Devices for a pilot
  • Drivers by category
  • Device drivers (this option is not yet translated)

Here again, we get the performance as we can discuss the list of all the drivers associated with a component as shown in the screenshot below.

How to access the new Windows 10 Device Manager

These new options in Device Manager are already available 21370.1 D Create Windows 10, Used last weekend for users of the Windows Insider program (Canal Dev). This is especially improving Management of Bluetooth headsets And supports the AAC codec.

If you have not yet subscribed to this beta testing program, you can proceed at any time Settings Windows 10 (Press the keys simultaneously [Windows] + [I]. Then head Update and security, Then Program Windows Insider, And finally click To start. After joining the program, go to Settings > Update and security > Windows Update > And click Check for updates.

Finally, if you do not want to join the Windows Insider program, be patient: new features of Device Manager will be included in the major update Windows 10 21 H2. It should be released in the standard edition in the fall of 2021.

Windows 10 Device Manager Driver List