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Developers against Valve, 30% more revenue per survey -

Developers against Valve, 30% more revenue per survey –

The Game Developer Conference (GTC) was recently held Study of 3,000 professional developers. Of the various information we can find through this survey, most developers can know that Valve believes that 30% of the revenue required for games released on Steam is too high.

Only 3% (up from 6% last year) believe 30% revenue is enough. 43% of developers are a A figure of 10% to 15% is very reasonable. However, even 3% of developers say they want to hear more numbers for valve steam games.

Steam: 30% short-lived?

Overall though, the developers believe it The path found by Epic Sports Store (with 12% profit) is the best choice. Google and Apple are also revising their rules, but for now we are not talking about values ​​like the epic.

Steam has also introduced some concessions in percentages for some time, but these will only come into effect if certain figures are violated, thus benefiting only large publishers and developers: small teams do not seem to favor this move.

Apparently Epic Games did not generate store revenue, but the company was not afraid, thanks to the figures obtained by Fortnight, especially on the PS4, which is worth more than iOS, for example.

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