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Destruction banners are available on the Nintendo Switch

Destruction banners are available on the Nintendo Switch

As announced a few weeks ago, Banners of destruction, Created by Montpeiro And edited Goblins Publishing Version 1.0 is available for € 17.99 on Steam, GeoG, Epic Store and Nintendo Switch from 7am.

The new trailer is available above.

In Banners of destruction, You need to build your site before you can start a series of twist-based battles. Your team, which consists of a maximum of 6 characters, must go through the alleys of Cape de Job. Each character can unlock a set of unique cards and abilities that will maximize the power of their base and allow them to explore many avenues. Since its initial access release, the developers have added more than a hundred maps and many new features including inactive, new scenes and enemies and other additions.


  • Build your site by collecting, buying or opening countless cards.
  • Choose from 6 races with unique cards and inactives and create a party with 6 characters throughout your run.
  • Fight increasingly strong enemies with AI that makes wars interesting.
  • Go through the streets in a dynamic map based campaign.
  • Make decisions: Reveal various encounters that can have positive or negative consequences for your game.
  • Awesome graphics drawn by hand.

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