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Dell fixes 12-year-old vulnerable driver ... which affects millions of PCs

Dell fixes 12-year-old vulnerable driver … which affects millions of PCs

Late than ever. A 12-year-old vulnerability has been found in Dell computers. It affects the DBUtil 2.3 device driver, which allows the computer and applications to interact with the machine’s BIOS. For example, the dbutil_2_3.sys file is installed on the Windows system when a user starts the BIOS update program or the Dell update check program.

According to security firm SentinelOne, a flaw in the DBUT will allow a hacker to access driver functions and run code with superior privileges (system, kernel). However, the hacker must have physical access to the machine and cannot trigger his attack via the Internet.

Sentinel One has been working with Dell since December to repair the affected device driver, and will present evidence of the affected feedback on June 1st.

Also found in the video:

For its part, Dell has published An article It has a link Download a tool Intended to delete complex file. The manufacturer recommends downloading the latest version of the BIOS update program for machines that still benefit from support.
Versions for Windows 10 are available, and versions for Windows 7 and 8.1 are expected to be released on July 31st.

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