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Defend the Rook

Defend the Rook


Throw away, the story of Defend the Rook is very strange. It takes place in an imaginary world where you play as a magician. Here is a type of sorcerer who uses his powers around the chessboard to defend his tower and hit the boss at the end of the wave, to counter the waves of more or less number of enemies.

We tell you again, if you want to have fun in the situation, you are playing the wrong game. This observation was made objectively, how does a game go? You should have already started training. This is done very well to understand the basics. However once integrated, your understanding of the most complex dynamics can be painful. We can tell you that it hurts so much!

As mentioned above, you need to block the waves of enemies. This is the Tower Defense page. You fight on a square shaped chess board. This ground is the only arena of your conflicts. A flow (yes, we said roughness) is spread over five stages. They each made up of five waves of monsters, the fifth and last one boss.

Conflicts with the intermediate team take place on a turn-by-turn basis. You move all your pieces and then the enemy, his and so on. Each has one action at a time and a finite number of squares for horizontal and vertical motion. We move and then attack. Can’t move after first attack. The basic principle is very simple but more complex than the title appears. It is especially important to take into account the fact that there is no automatic reproduction of life points between fights.

The tower and his closest guard

By doing this tutorial, you will discover four areas of your team. The tower exists, or is called The Rook in English, hence the title Defend the Rook. This is the core of your team. If she dies your flow will be over. She has low mobility, low punch power but long offensive range, very high on your quartet. But its strength is different. This is his answer above all else. She directly eliminates any enemy that attacks her. But she should not die. Do you understand the dilemma?

To protect her and get rid of the surrounding insects, she has three guards, a warrior, a sorcerer and a killer.

They each have their own characteristics. But above all, they each have their share. To simplify, the warrior strikes a tank, the sorcerer from a distance and copes with partial damage, finally striking hard in the killer melee. All four with the tower start with a certain number of points, shield and attack.

Initially, the skills of the three guards were very simple. However, when you beat the waves after the waves, you get specific abilities for each. Only, which one should get the third? For each victory, you are given three, one for each, but you can only choose one. The tower improves differently, which we will discuss in the next section.

These improvements will allow the warrior to cancel the first attack of one of his allies. The thief may disappear if he does not move during the thief’s turn or does not move after the attack. If the sorcerer kills an enemy during his turn or recharges a spell under certain conditions it will cause damage to everyone. What? A type? Yes, the magician, that is, you, have a variety of spells and traps.

An infinite number of combinations!

The magistrate also has tricks. He can summon towers to attack automatically. He can drop landmines and throw attacking or defensive spells. Each of its components has limited use during a level. Your skills will only be recovered if you defeat the boss and advance to the next arena.

They are very versatile and help to avoid any redundancies from one flow to another. The same goes for the skills your three guards receive. The same is true for progress. There are different types of courses and you will never face the same bosses.

At the end of each level, you can spend the experience and gold gained during your fights to upgrade your characters, your tower, the magician’s spells and traps. For example, the tower may have more victory points or shields and can recreate everyone’s life at the end of each turn.

Again, nothing is the same from one flow to another. There are always small differences that are small in their potential trees, but allow you to refresh the experience each time. Like all rock-like, you have to die to start strong. The title has a consistent improvement system with each flow. For each defeated boss you will receive a gem that will be used to unlock permanent improvements that affect the variability of the gaming experience. Achieving achievements can lead to other things opening up.

You can open new forms of three guards. The warrior is replaced by other types for example samurai, killer corsair and sorcerer. It is the same for tower, towers, traps and even spells.

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