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Deathloop has been postponed and will be released in September 2021

Deathloop has been postponed and will be released in September 2021

Deathloop will not come in May, as initially announced, Arcane has announced a postponement to the game, Now back on September 14, 2021 in the PlayStation 5 and Windows PC formats.

Scheduled for May 21, the game will be released almost four months after this date. Coming to stores only in mid-September. The team needs more time to fine-tune some aspects of the project and give the players a perfect title from every perspective so as not to disappoint the highest expectations of the community.

Distribution plans do not change, Released exclusively on the console of the Deathloop PlayStation 5, and simultaneously coming to PC Deathloop will not be released on Xbox No release is currently planned for the Microsoft console. 4K e 60fps su Deathloop Gir on PlayStation 5 It also takes full advantage of the Sony operating system and dualSense controller capability, i.e. haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Arcane confirmed it in a recent interview There will be no new Game Plus in Deathloop, Also talked about the study Possible sequels to DeathloopThe stories to be explored, of course and many more In the future, the company will evaluate all possible options. In the meantime, we have to wait until September 14th to play Deathloop.

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