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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Excel Download

Daily Fantasy Rankings, Predictions, Layers (Free Download)

You can download the weekly NFL Fan Dual Seatsheet for free by clicking on the green excel image. It will bring you the best money choices, competitive options, layers and the best values. Also, check out our DFS plans and rankings to help cover other slates and further improve the decision-making process for those rows. Look for the seat sheet every Wednesday, which will cover the upcoming main slate, which will be available at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Downloadable Week 9 FanDuel Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Excel Download


Josh AllenIt sounds like a week where I want to spend some of my best quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes is in fierce competition as he controls the Carolina quarterbacks this season, but the Mahomes have a 30+ fantasy point ceiling, which is where he needs to put strong numbers again. Russell Wilson and Josh Allen are two strong options in the same game. Wilson has certainly been an excellent fantasy quarterback, but Allen enjoys strong competition. Seattle has allowed 25.4 imaginary points per game to face the quarterbacks this season. That game sits 55 overall, and should be one of the highest scoring games on the slate, with plenty of stacking options. Kyler Murray’s quick site makes him a major play. He has 25 fantasy points from the last eight games he has played.

If you look a little cheap, there are some options I like. To make a solid bargain, he gets a strong match against Drew Locke and the Falcons in the 200 7,200 plans, allowing them to quarterbacks with 25.6 fantasy points per game. Derek confronts car chargers, which allow quarterbacks to score 22.5 FD points per game. An additional feature for the Raiders offense is that they will not face hurricane winds like last week. Justin Herbert plans to score more than 20 points, and this is an afternoon quarter to goal.

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Running back

Dolvin CookComing from a monster week, Dolvin Cook will be playing again and again and it will run again. He is a home favorite and has a total of 27.5 in the Vikings. Detroit allowed 1.7 quick touchdowns per game and 27.2 fantasy points per game. Although I will not be leaving Cook this week, Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry are sure to see several rows. James Connor is in a strong position against the Dallas defense, they have allowed 138 yards of ground per game and a quick touchdown per game. Connor was a bit pricey to my liking, but it was a great place for him.

James Robinson is in excellent form against the Houston run defense, who have allowed 151 yards per game and 1.4 quick touchdowns per game on the ground this season. Robinson is a solid GBP play and borderline cash play, and I’ll worry about this offense with a new quarterback overall. Chase Edmunds is the safest option in cash games and will be a popular value in all formats this week. The Dolphins allow 21 FT points per game to run in the back and Edmunds has a full-time role this week.

Wide recipients

DigAs usual this week there is a wide range of receivers. Lots of more expensive options are in strong places. Julio Jones can see a strong level with Calvin Ridley this week. Jones gets a Denver defense that is not the same as it was before, and has also allowed recipients to receive 1.14 touchdowns this season. Diandre Hopkins allows 25.2 FD points per game with Mimi. D.K. Metcalfe will have to deal with Trey Davies White this week, but I can’t rule him out. Tyler Locket is the guy I care about a little more. In the same game, Stephen Dix is ​​a great play. Seattle allows recipients 36.1 FD points per game. If John Brown is fully prepared to roll, he’s going to be a strong value as well.

Both Carolina recipients are good at matches, although it is a tough match. It should be a positive game script. Pittsburgh’s Whiteouts will play for the tournament, but this level is high for everyone. Since everyone is healthy, I could not see which receiver has a consistent output for cash games. Jerry GT is one of my favorite values ​​this week. Atlanta has allowed 29.4 FD points per game per season.

Tight results

Darren WallerThis season is not a fun fantasy level. In general, the best options like Travis Gells, George Kittle and Mark Andrews had inverted games, but the rest of the field has one and one year. Travis Gells and Mark Andrews are playing despite more tough matches this week. Darren Waller is one of my favorite guys this week. Las Vegas has a marked total of 25.5, and the game has some shootout capabilities. The Nova Fund is in a great position against the Falcons, allowing a touchdown of one game down to the tight ends and 12.7 FD points per game. The Denver Stack is doing well this week. If Calvin Ridley misses this week, it seems, Hayden Hurst will get a slight bump. John Smith is in a funnel against the Pierce, allowing them to score 9 FD points per game against tight ends.


Pittsburgh SteelersThere is really only one cash game option in defense this week, and that is the Steelers. The Cowboys have 14 indirect totals this week and are facing the best defense in the league in my opinion. They have a good pass urgency, which can get this fast attacking fortress and another shift factor in the quarterback, and this team is a real mess right now. If you want to go that route there are some centers you can do. Washington faces a turnover-led Daniel Jones-led offense. The offensive line game is bad and Washington definitely has a pass-rush that could go to the quarterbacks. For cheaper routes, it is worth seeing an inexperienced quarterback whose cardinals from Tennessee, Houston and Arizona face ordinary crimes or in the case of cardinals.fanduel20dfs

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