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Are you worried about a mole?  Google can analyze it from a photo

Are you worried about a mole? Google can analyze it from a photo

Google unveiled a test kit that acts like a pocket dermatologist at its I / O 2021 conference.

If you are worried about a skin problem or a mole, there is obviously no tool to change the dermatological advice. Google emphasizes this point in its blog post. But the same is true: during its annual Google I / O conference, the American company showed a new way to analyze its skin using the camera of its smartphone.

Like many programs in this area, the company uses trained methods to identify different symptoms that may require further clinical analysis from a specialist. According to Mountain View, the tool is already very successful because it can detect 288 diseases.

« For each associated pathology, the tool displays information verified by dermatologists, answers to frequently asked questions, and similar images on the web. Says the team. In addition, it can answer 90% of the most popular skin related questions. For this to work, the tool needs good photos of the area of ​​interest.

Display rather than text search

Google explains that there are billions of queries related to skin problems each year, and that it is difficult to put a proper explanation in words – especially that Google may not always understand. Also, the company came up with the idea of ​​allowing internet users to do a search, not by text, but by showing a photo.

The tool is scheduled to launch in 2021 in test form in the form of a web application. To help the skin assistant make an accurate analysis, it is sufficient to photograph the area (be it skin, nails or hair) from different angles. Three photos will be required. In addition, you may be asked questions about your skin type, symptoms, or age of the problem.

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Another notable feature of the service that Google can use quickly is considering all skin types. Simply put, it provides a useful tool for everyone from white to dark skin types – this is very important in the event that a mole can be combined with skin. Other factors are included: age, gender and race.

Google expects everyone to design a tool that is practical whether their skin is light or dark.

« We created and refined our model using personalized data that included approximately 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of skin problems and thousands of examples of healthy skin, all for different statistical categories. 2, explains the American company In a blog post.

To give scientific depth to its project, Google has published various reviewed science articles during its three years of pregnancy. ” Will check their AI model “Others are active. The company notes that it has published a study in the journal Nature Medicine, its tool.” Licensed U.S. Can achieve comparable accuracy with dermatologists .

For once, Google’s tool may be the first in Europe to replace the United States. The company explains that its artificial intelligence model operating the device has successfully passed clinical verification, and the tool has been marked in the EU as a Class I medical device (about Class I medical devices). With very low risk).

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