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Daily Fantasy Rankings, Predictions, Layers (Free Download)

Daily Fantasy Rankings, Predictions, Layers (Free Download)

You can download the weekly NFL Fan Dual Seatsheet for free by clicking on the green excel image. It will bring you the best money choices, competitive options, layers and the best values. Also, check out our DFS plans and rankings to help cover other slates and further improve the decision-making process for those rows. Look for the seat sheet every Wednesday, which will cover the upcoming main slate, which will be available at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Downloadable Week 16 Fan Duel Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Excel Download


Patrick MahomsWith only ten games this week, the player pool is a bit short this week. Quarterback is one of those positions where I would leave the cheaper options alone. This slate has a ton of value and without a real high priced running back, fitting into a top-end WR and top-end QB should be no problem. The Mahomes are in a top spot against the Falcons, who have allowed 23 FD points per game to the quarterbacks this season. Even with the price difference, I like him a little more this week than Jackson. Jackson is still a strong play given the upside, but I also like Deshan Watson and Jalan Hurts. I have a feeling that Watson is going to be noticed because of Hurts’ recent success, and then Jackson and Mahoms are right there. If you want to be different from the field, look for cheap places with Jared Koff and Mitchell Trobiski. They are not so safe, but give you a discount, and the Seahawks and Jaguars have allowed the quarterbacks 20 FD points per game this season.

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Running back

David MontgomeryNick Chup is the most expensive this week, solid play if you have the money, but he’s not the one who has to play. I like a red-hot David Montgomery going against a Jaguars defense, allowing 23 FD points per game to run in the back. Montgomery has a heavy workload and is in tears. Miles Sanders will face Dallas, who is 49 runs out of running backs and has struggled against runs all season. Sanders had a heavier workload and was a solid expression of the Eagles offense, with a total of 26.25. I expect Kareem Hunt to get a lot of work in the passing game as Browns wins the wide receiver cove list, he, a sneaky play for 200 7,200. At a slightly cheaper price, David Johnson faces a normal Bengals defense, 7 6,700, having a heavier workload with Duke Johnson last week. It will be like that again. Melvin Gordon without Philip Lindsay will pop up on my radar this week. He, 4 6,400 and a good lead who could be a lime Levion Bell.

Wide recipients

Mount DyricI will definitely try to reveal some of the more expensive options, which are not difficult to do this week. Tyrik Hill had some defined practices this week on precaution, but we should be fine against the Falcons runners-up that we have been aiming for throughout the year. He is my WR1 and wide difference on this slate. On the opposite side of that game, Calvin Ridley is hot in the red with Julio Jones, while the Chiefs are good at secondary, Ridley should have the crushing volume and game flow. Alan Robinson and Robert Woods have been in good places this week, with both the Jaguars and the Seahawks allowing a wide range of receivers 26 FD points per game this season. , 000 6,000s Dionde Johnson and Amari Cooper are two guys I like the most. Johnson is consistently a block-pig and the Golds are secondary exploiters. KK is cheaper than 6,100 and is owned by Bengalis, Dee Higgins and A.J. I’m not worried about Green this week. Tyler Boyd will be there and Texans has allowed 1.43 touchdowns per game.

Tight results

Austin HooperAt Travis Gells, the 800 8,800 price tag is a big one, but the Falcons are a five-under team against tight ends and will be a field day for the chiefs offense. Even with the higher price tag, he still values ​​it as a value compared to other names in that position. After that, I will see Mark Andrews and Logan Thomas. Both see strong goals in their offenses, which is not a bad match for either, especially since the Panthers are under-ten against tight results this season. Austin Hooper should see a good amount of targets this week, which is my favorite value, 5,100. As mentioned above the Browns wide receivers are limited, so we should see a big change in the tight ends and running backs in the targets.


Chicago BearsChicago and Cleveland are the most expensive options this week. They face horrific crimes and are huge favorites. Both have the top three spots in this week’s forecasts and still have a definite value despite higher price tags. Washington has a more expensive 800, 4,800 and a stronger GPU away from those options. The cheapest option I have been looking for this week is not really there, however Kansas City is upside down against the Falcons. Matt Ryan may have some multi-big games and their attack lineup is careless throughout the year. , 4,100 is a good deal and part of the chiefs of the attacks this week.fanduel20dfs