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Customizable Influence Abbreviation Template for free download

Customizable Influence Abbreviation Template for free download

Marketing influence is exploding to the point where it will become an essential lever for communication campaigns in 2021. Influencers collaborate more and more with brands, and if they want to take advantage of post-offers to streamline content, videos, posts or stories. Along with their editorial line, they also need to fully understand the intentions of the brands they collaborate with.

Abbreviation therefore plays an important role in the brand / influence / brand / agency / influencer relationship and cannot be pushed to some hard cut bullet points in an email. Saving time, disseminating information well, and planning… Influence Summary is the central document of any influence campaign.

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Meltwater, the Sass site that influences campaigns to listen and analyze social networks, simplifies your work with a free influence brief template. It’s simple: Download the customizable summary template and follow Meltwater’s step-by-step advice on finishing the template.

Download the template for free

How to build your relationship with influencers in 2021?

You will find out By downloading the Influence Summary template, The document consists of several parts: the presentation of your company, the detailed summary of the campaign, the expected distributions with maximum accuracy and finally, the do’s and don’ts of the content creator. The four most obvious areas will allow you to quickly understand the strategy you want to follow for the influencers you want to collaborate with and the actions you plan to take while freeing them to pay for their creativity.

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Marketing and communications professionals can adapt and customize the template and save time during each new influential campaign, but when explaining to multiple creators. Content during the same campaign.

Download the Influencer Brief model

Brief Heart: Details of the campaign

Important point of the abstract template: Provide as much detail and context as possible about the campaign you want to run. Download this template Leads you in this direction with pre-written sentences describing the purpose of the campaign: “Show that Brand X helps men travel around the world in comfort and style”. Meltwater then helps to refine the message: “Brand X is the only brand that combines comfort and style to get wherever you want to go anywhere in the world.”.

You need to describe the target audience and the budget allocated. The download template reminds you and guides you to: “Target visitors on Instagram: 25 to 35 year old travelers. Plan one post + one story a week for a month ”.

In short, this model deserves personalized support, in addition to being freely accessible to all.

Download the Influencer Brief model