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Cultural Bonus Born in 2002: Ascend to 18app Instantly – Download PDF Guide

More than 70,000 recordings have already been completed by 5pm on April 1st, starting at 12pm, which is at 240 recordings per minute. 18 App has the opportunity for 18 year old boys – born in 2002 in this case – to spend up to 500 euros on culture, The response is high, the huge traffic of news on social networks, the site was stressed and there were many obstacles at least in the early morning, then the situation returned to normal in the afternoon. Launched in 2016 by the then Renzi government, the initiative is in its fifth edition. During the first trial for births in 1998, nearly 360,000 children joined the effort, numbered 574,593.

Download the instructions in the PDF

To access the bonus from 12 noon today, you can sign up on the site Until August 31, 2021: To do this, you need to have Spit possession. The bonus is valid until February 28, 2022.

Despite initial difficulties and the failure of decisions in the field of procurement (only 6.3% of the allocated amount was spent due to the complex bureaucratic mechanism required to implement the contribution), the application has grown over the years, so it has become a model abroad (above all France). From the first edition to date, about 1.6 million young people who have spent over 30 730 million on culture have signed up for the 18app smartphone app, which was created specifically to use credit. Of this number, 83% was spent on books, 14% on concerts and music, and the remaining 3% on other cultural expenses. However, the money can be invested in music and drama courses, foreign languages, museums and newspaper subscriptions, even in digital form.

Download the instructions in the PDF

Fimi launches campaign to buy recorded music

A new viral fimi campaign to purchase recorded music with a 500 euro cultural bonus is underway, starting today from the edition dedicated to those born in 2002. The campaign engages eighteen-year-old boys for the third year in a row – and the group’s target parents – through a variation on Facebook, Instagram and Dictok, inviting you to buy music from your favorite artists, from vinyl to subscriptions to streaming sites. The involvement of two young influencers, who thanked the Dictoc site in the second phase, increases the chances of finding and using the voucher. Music is one of the most important cultural costs for 16-24 year olds: the purchase of recorded music in four editions has actually doubled, from 13 million euros in the first edition (2017) to 22 million in 2020, a total of 76 million euros spent on recorded music in four years, with hundreds of thousands of children enrolled in the program.

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