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Insider Preview Build 21370: Microsoft bessert bei Bluetooth nach und bringt AAC

Create Insider Preview 21370: Microsoft upgrades Bluetooth and brings AAC

Wednesday was not as usual, but only on Thursday, when Microsoft released the new Insider preview of Windows 10. With the Insider Preview built-in 21370, Microsoft introduces improvements in handling Bluetooth audio.

The update is primarily of interest to those who use a Bluetooth headset or headphones on a Windows 10 system, and often switch back and forth between playing music and using a microphone. In volume settings, Bluetooth headsets or headphones are always displayed twice. With these two inputs, a difference was found between the loudspeaker channel and the communication channel. The former does not provide microphone support, but has excellent audio quality, so it is only used when playback takes place, but no communication or recording should take place via microphones. The latter, on the other hand, facilitated communication in both directions, but as usual reduced the sound quality via Bluetooth.

Changes in the handling of Bluetooth audio devices (Image: Microsoft)

Windows 10 automatically switches to Bluetooth mode

With Windows 10’s Insider Preview Built-in 21370, Microsoft has removed this control from volume control, and Windows now automatically switches between the two modes to significantly simplify handling Bluetooth devices on the computer.

AAC for better sound quality

In addition, the audio codec in the Windows Insider preview supports AAC, the advanced audio codec, which is not infallible, but offers better sound quality than the SBC, low complexity sub band codec.

However, the list of other changes at this time is short:

  • We have made some minor changes to the icons in the address bar of File Explorer.
  • We’ve improved the touch keyboard release animation, which is smooth again when UWP apps appear.
  • If you’re focused on the Run dialog, we’re made a change so that the touch keyboard now shows the backslash () key.

On the other hand, the list of fixed errors is as long as the known problems:

  • Bug fixes
    • [News and interests] Fixed an issue where viewing the News and Interests button would sometimes not open the flyout.
    • [News and interests] Fixed an issue where news and interests would get stuck displaying loading vortex points while flying.
    • [News and interests] We have made some Explorer.X reliability and performance improvements.
    • [News and interests] Fixed an issue where messages and interests would sometimes appear briefly in the taskbar if the taskbar was aligned above.
    • KB5001030 – 2021-02 We fixed some issues with the 0x80092004 error view when installing the overall update preview for the .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.
    • We fixed an issue where insiders find error 0x80070005 when installing framework updates.
    • We fixed an Explorer.X malfunction in the previous flight, which may cause problems with the login screen and sign in after restarting from sleep.
    • We fixed an issue that resulted in some insiders experiencing erroneous checks with a complex process error.
    • Fixed an issue where the narrator did not report an error message on the login screen after entering the wrong password multiple times.
    • We fixed an issue where text characters appear in text across systems.
    • On the last two flights Cortana did not start from the taskbar after clicking the icon.
    • We fixed the issue affecting mouse input on the dual boot screen.
    • We fixed translation issues in the help text in the Windows subsystem for Linux.
    • We fixed OS updates by making copies of and other files when using the Windows subsystem for Linux.
    • We fixed two issues that affect the credibility of Conhost.exe.
    • We fixed two issues that prevented some USB printer drivers from booting properly.
    • If you send the VK_HOME virtual key code while the Japanese IME is active and Numblock is running, there will be an unexpected 7 input.
    • Fixed an issue where the Japanese 50-on touch keyboard layout did not insert full-width characters correctly while in shift position.
    • Fixed an issue with inserting a placeholder string in the Chinese pin IME if the cloud candidate is selected while the cloud candidate entry is still loaded.
  • Known issues
    • Reports of the update process have been hanging for a long time while trying to install the new framework.
    • We explore the problem that search elements (including the search box in File Explorer) are no longer displayed correctly in a dark theme.
    • The Windows Camera app currently does not respect the default brightness setting set via the New Camera Settings page.
    • After fixing the built-in 21354 and above, we’re fixing the result of WSL users’ discovery that File Explorer’s output performance lags.
    • Some Windows subsystems for Linux events fail to start with the ‘parameter invalid’ message. This known issue is being monitored here in the WSL repository.

As usual, the current Windows 10 Insider Preview Built 21370 is available to all participants Windows 10 Insider Program Now available for download on the Dev Channel. The Microsoft Airport Center Lists all Windows 10 development buildings released so far.

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