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Create folders to compile your applications through the theme

Create folders to compile your applications through the theme

10, 15 … 30 apps? The first deployment is necessary

Consult our bank account, track our health refunds, have fun, get information, interact with your loved ones or play games … We are accustomed to downloading apps on our smartphones. Sometimes more! How many are you actually using? It’s time to pick up the goods Just like you want on your shelves. Car shop Applications take up space on our device And can slow it down.

Swipe your home screen and separate each app. It is common to download some for testing or single use, but we never think about deleting them later. It’s time! You can download them again later if needed., Including those you purchased, without repaying them. You can move them to your home screen on page 2 or 3 without deleting them.

Create themed folders

Once you have deployed, you can Categorize your applications using small folders just like the ones on your computer. The icons are visible, but small. You will see it more clearly and this will save you from having to swipe your screen 3 or 4 times to find the app you are looking for. Collect them by theme according to your areas of interest: Messaging, News, Health, Leisure, Shopping, Weather … If you receive a notification for one of them, it will be displayed in the folder and you will not miss it.

On Android, the process is the same: Press the app for a long time and then drag it with your finger to another. To assign a name to a group, tap it. Then tap the name of the suggested folder. You can also enter the name you want to use.

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You can move and organize your folders between them by moving them with your finger like apps.

A suggestion of thematic classification. You can choose to save them by color, which is trendy! Almost an artistic achievement in some as it is in this photo!