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Crazy developer Shrek manages to save the movie to floppy disk

Saving an entire movie on a simple floppy disk is a crazy gamble a developer makes. And he achieves his goal. As a testament to the success of his crazy plan, he released a video on Reddit. Make yourself comfortable, the Shrek movie will start soon.

Tired of watching movies in 4K while enjoying Dolby Atmos or DTS sound? Do you want to go from obviously bad quality to the good old days recorded on VHS? A Reddit user may have a solution for you. Better than good old VHS tape, He was able to record the Shrek movie on a simple floppy diskSo the approach offers more than just stunning video quality.

So, the developer u / GreedyPaint had a different idea of ​​wanting to record a complete movie on a small floppy disk similar to what was seen on computers in the 80s and 90s. Questionable media can be saved 1.44 MB data, Or a little more if you increase the number of tracks and fields when designing the floppy disk. In comparison, This capacity represents only 0.03% of the storage space of a DVD Single layer 4.7 GB.

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Shrek Movie now fits on a single 1.44MB floppy disk

For this occasion, u / GreedyPaint relied on a customized version of the x265 video codec. Using a resolution of 120 x 96 pixels and a speed of 4 frames per second, he was able to reduce the size of the image. Shrek Just 1.37 mo. The floppy disk is finally read to a small device equipped with a raspberry pie. The film begins as soon as the reader swallows it. No play button, pause, fast forward …

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The Limatech Diskmaster (That’s the name of the device) Plays video from A to Z, that’s all. As you can see in the short video below, the picture is substandard and the video is very smooth (4 frames per second!). Only the audio reproduction is correct.

Even if the effort is laughable, only one can appreciate such an achievement. u / GreedyPaint is now planned, not done with non-standard projectsRecord the entire movie in vinyl. An attitude reminiscent of this other successful developer Boot your computer into the same recording media under DOS.