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Crash on Amazon, PayPal, Spotify: Users report massive restrictions

Crash on Amazon, PayPal, Spotify: Users report massive restrictions

Users of major online services such as Amazon, Spotify and PayPal reported massive disruptions in the morning. What lies behind the problems.

Massive Interruptions For great online sites: Users have been reporting on the site since this morning Allestö Limitations of such services Amazon, Spotify and Paypal.

After all, users log in and list issues with using the sites. Problems with the content distribution network and the cloud provider, ie “Pay attention“Reports. The company already has a lot on its service website Server failures Approved. Also read: No 3G on July 1: What mobile phone users need to know

Amazon and Cooperative Issues: Other Countries Affected

Especially in German Metropolitan areas There seem to be big problems in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, D டுsseldorf and Bremen. The malfunction chart from Allest , shows that failures are not only concentrated in Germany but also found in other countries.

The British newspaper The Guardian wrote on Twitter that the website had “suffered a major web failure”. It is not clear when the malfunction will be completely eliminated. The issue was announced fast Was identified And is corrected desire. Many websites are now online again. More interesting: Slow Internet: Get a voucher for satellite connectivity?


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