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Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless Review: Battery Powered Wireless Gaming Mouse for Small Budgets

Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless Review: Battery Powered Wireless Gaming Mouse for Small Budgets

Requires entry-level wireless mouse, Qatar Pro wireless manufacturer does not embed the most advanced optical sensor from PixArt and is satisfied with PMW3325. However, the most powerful sensor is capable of withstanding speeds of 2.54 m / s and speeds of up to 20 mphg. In practice, only fast players who play at low sensitivity risk will flirt with its limitations. During our tests, we did not notice any drop in the sensor, but we did notice a slight correction of the angle and a pixel-by-pixel tracking of the defect.

The delay of the wireless transmission is very low when used Dongle USB provided. Corsair’s “slipstream wireless” connection works well with the system at a transmission frequency of 1000 Hz and shows no difference compared to the wired connection. As a result the use of Bluetooth is slightly less, but sufficient for office use, for example on a laptop.

The maximum sensitivity of the sensor reaches 5000 dpi. Corsair doubles it in software, which is used to add only the number ten so that it does not look ridiculous on the technical paper. In practice, this still does not help, however, at 5000 dpi, a simple operation of just 2 cm is enough to cover the entire width of the Ultra HD screen.

In terms of autonomy, the Corsair AA announces 135 hours of use by the battery. Long enough for a mouse Gaming. However, we recommend using rechargeable batteries to avoid using too much alkaline batteries. Regrettably, we will mention the inability to use the mouse on the USB wire connection. It is always a good idea to have a spare battery with you.

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