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Controller delay challenge, is it fast?  -

Controller delay challenge, is it fast? –

PS5E Xbox Series X | S. Compared with aAnalysis A little deeper than usual Delay of controllers, You can see in the NXGamer video above.

This is not an easy topic to explore accurately because it is based on measurements that need to be focused on more accurately. Such short intervals Should be almost incomprehensible. If nothing else, its time NXGamer This seems to be much better than the first comparison made by a YouTube user some time ago about the delay of controllers of the next gen consoles, which seemed to show an advantage over the dual sense of the PS5.

The YouTube channel reviewed today takes a little more approach Technical, Although the results are still subject to error and the margin is important in such a short period of time, it represents one of the most accurate analyzes available at this time.

I Results However, the challenge is uncertain, because in reality They vary according to the game Tested, gives occasional success to one or the other console. For a start, so far Dashboard Xbox Series X | The S has more input lag (i.e. delay in processing the input provided by the on-screen controller): the next-generation Microsoft consoles have greatly improved the response time of the dashboard compared to the Xbox One, but it remains so much longer than the PS5 dashboard, it seems.

As for the games being tested, the results are quite different: 30 and 60 fps, Xbox Series X on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watchdog Legion, as seen in the pictures below | S demonstrates an advantage, with a Input regression inferiore Compared to the PS5, Call of Duty: Black Ops experiments during the Cold War turned the situation upside down, in which the dual sense of the PS5 proved to be the most reactive and somewhat dirty 5, where the PS5 60 mode demonstrates the lowest input lag in fps, 120 fs 5 mode And Xbox Series X | There is a tie between the Ss.

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