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Contradiction PDXCON announced the Grand Strategy sequel in 2021

Contradiction PDXCON announced the Grand Strategy sequel in 2021

of Michael Miskulin
Paradox Development Studios has officially announced Victoria 3, also known as the Grand Strategy Game for PC, a sequel to Victoria 2 released in 2010. In the title, the player must manage and run their own ideal society in the Victorian era of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Victoria 3 was yesterday PDXCON 2021 (Conflict Conference) Confirmed. As a Grand Strategy representative, the player can scream through countless windows, menus and figures to manage different areas of economy, diplomacy and military strategy.

Victoria 3: A social simulator

The Victorian age is marked by a changing world – a world transformed by new technologies, philosophies and new civil rights movements. So Victoria 3 is a kind of community simulator in which players have to look at the needs and preferences of their own population. Each group in the community has its own political and material preferences. Conservative factions can oppose political reforms, while intellectuals and bourgeoisie can still demand democracy.

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In addition to the social elements, Victoria 3 players must also look at the economic aspects. Globally, players can trade a wide variety of products. So you need to make sure that the needs of your own people are met. Otherwise the revolution threatens. Scientific and social progress can be used to counter this and improve the lives of citizens. Political skills can be tried on the diplomatic ground.

Available on Victoria 3 PC via Steam, Microsoft Game Pass and Paradox Store. A more detailed release window has not yet been announced.

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