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Connecticut's COVID exposure application topped the 600,000 downloads in just a few days

Connecticut’s COVID exposure application topped the 600,000 downloads in just a few days

The state’s new Govt exposure app for cell phones has reached more than 600,000 downloads in a week. The new app for iPhone and Android, a tool to let people know they may be exposed to COVID-19, was launched last Thursday.

Josh Kepale, the state’s chief executive officer, said he had the opportunity to testify immediately when his press secretary, Max Rice, positively checked the governor’s office on Friday night.

“The notice came to many who were identified by being in close contact with Max, so it works,” Zebale said.

On some iPhones, all you have to do is go to settings and enable exposure notifications.

“It starts to track who you’ve been around using the Bluetooth function,” Gibale said. “If someone near you – 6 feet 15 minutes or more – checks the positive and they type a code, you will receive an anonymous notification on your phone, alerting you and getting information about what to do.”

If enough people download it, the goal is that it will help break the exchange chain, Geepale said.

“We want Apple and Google to be activated by 15 percent of the population to see some public health benefits, and we have already passed this within a week,” Zebale said.

He said the government had waited a little longer than some to make sure there were no privacy concerns when the app was introduced.

David McGuire, managing director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Connecticut, says they have been overseeing numerous govt tracing applications both locally and nationally.

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“Some close surveillance seems to protect people’s privacy, and there is no centralized information that deeply undermines people’s privacy,” McGuire said.

McGuire said they believe there is no reason to trade civil liberties for public health. He believes the use of Connecticut can help without compromising on security.