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Connect your computer to your TV by cable: There are four ways to reach your goal.

Connect your computer to your TV by cable: There are four ways to reach your goal.

Overview of adapters for televisions

This is how old consoles and DVD players are connected.

These TV adapters are great for connecting old consoles, headphones, DVD players, WiFi sources and other devices to the TV.

Due to the continuous developments in the field of television, we recommend the adapter only as a temporary solution. Smart TVs are now available from 200 euros. Purchasing a new TV is beneficial in the long run, not only for the features and convenience, but also for the functionality and convenience it offers.

How much do HDMI cables and companies cost?

HDMI cables are available in stores for less than a few euros, while VGA and DVI cables usually cost no more than 20 euros. When you go shopping make sure you buy cables that are long enough to connect your devices.

Cables, on the other hand, should not exceed a certain length. Signal transmission delays and image and sound errors can occur if the cable length is more than 10 meters.

If you need an adapter to convert your computer’s output signal to HDMI for your TV, you’ll have to spend a little more money. You can get a decent adapter for 20 to 50 euros.

Solutions to sound and image problems

Even if your PC and TV are properly connected, the picture and sound may not be displayed properly. First, make sure all cables are properly connected and that your TV’s HDMI input is set to the appropriate source.

You can re-check your computer to see if the TV is recognized as a scene. See “System Settings” and “Image Settings” depending on your operating system.

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The solution can sometimes be problematic. To see if you can show the current resolution of your computer, see the instructions for your TV. Otherwise, convert to a fixed resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels.

If that does not work, reduce the number of pixels or change the frequency (in hertz). In Image Settings you will find related options. For example, you may find “advanced display information” in Windows.

Right-click on an empty space on your desktop for the shortcut for display settings. Display settings are displayed in the submenu that appears.

Do not forget that the screen settings of your TV can also be used to adjust the image size. This will prevent the edges of the image from being torn off. HDMI should be selected as the output device for clear sound in your computer’s sound settings.

Some televisions require a specific audio format for proper sound reproduction. Watching the instructions for your TV will help here.

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