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Xbox turns 20 and announces program until November!  |  Xbox One

Xbox turns 20 and announces program until November! | Xbox One

This was in 2001. Only in the PC world, Microsoft landed in a console product to face Sony PlayStation. Twenty years later, the Xbox on the video game landscape is greater than ever and has become a better competitor with its service. Xbox Game Boss. Today, the brand announces this year’s timetable with the hashtag #Xbox20 and a series of celebrations until November when the first Xbox is launched.

The Xbox is already 20 years old

The first Xbox was launched in the United States on November 15, 2001, and Microsoft has already released four generations of consoles with 7,000 games. Today, some of the first Xbox games are lagging behind the compatibility program even in the latest Xbox Series X and S, which shows Microsoft’s intention to put the player at the center of its strategy and break barriers. .

If there’s one popular game that can’t be separated from the Xbox, it’s Halo. The famous master chief came to save the world twenty years ago, and this year, the Hollow Infinite chapter may have a very special taste.

A six-month celebration until November 15, 2021

Today, Microsoft announces the launch of a program celebrating 20 years of Xbox. Everything is not yet revealed, but below you will find the first elements of communication.

  • The hashtag # Xbox20 was launched. You can use it on social media to share your favorite Xbox moments, stories, friendships, achievements …
  • You can order new products Gear shop Hats, mugs and other shirts with the “Xbox 20” logo.
  • Xbox 20 wallpapers can be downloaded This page.
  • Xbox FanFest recording launched This page.
  • The theme is available as a new Camperic “20 years” and “original” in the players’ personalized profile. The dynamic theme is available in the “original” Xbox Series X and S.
  • A selection of the best Xbox games to mark its history is available This page. There are also home games like Hollow, Gears or Myth, but there are also games from third-party publishers such as Mass Effect, Skyrim or Call of Duty.
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According to Xbox, there are plenty of other events, games and gear planned throughout the year, and more surprises planned for several months. The next big meeting is undoubtedly the E3 2021 Xbox Conference, which will definitely be special!