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Clubhouse is coming to Android தொடங்க to restart itself?

Clubhouse is coming to Android தொடங்க to restart itself?

As the giants in the middle take over its playground, Clubhouse finally announces its arrival on Android. Question: Is it too late for this 100% audio platform?

Clubhouse iOS Uniqueness is over. 100% Voice has been on Android devices for over a year since the social platform was launched. Already available for download in some English-speaking countries, including the US – of course – the arrival of this app is unavoidable in other markets, and users can pre-register as the first person to download it from the website. Goes online in the coming weeks (this is in France).

Clubhouse’s deployment will be gradual on Android because its creators want to give themselves time to provide the best experience possible for as many people as possible after a short trial phase in real situations. “In the next few weeks, we plan to gather community feedback, resolve any issues, and add some final features, such as payments and club building, before the system is released on a large scale.”, The company explains.

Always by invitation only

Note that the arrival of Clubhouse on Android does not indicate the end of the invitations. So even though the number of invitations distributed is increasing, the platform is not really open to everyone. Logically, Clubhouse enjoys browsing within a certain elite, but should welcome new users to quickly grow its followers site, the only criterion for evaluating its success at this time.

Officially, this organization should, above all, allow the clubhouse to control the growth of its operation, thus allowing time to support it with the optimal dimension of its technical infrastructure. Managing a live audio chat site is actually more restricted at this level than a site where text, links and images are exchanged.

A turning point for the clubhouse

However, Clubhouse’s visit to Android was a major turning point for the company, whose valuation reached $ 4 billion during a new round of funding a few weeks ago. In fact, if the clubhouse takes advantage of the most favorable conditions for its growth with the health crisis and persistent population closures, allowing it to create a good buzz, the number of app downloads will be greatly reduced. Last time.

As of February 2021, 9.6 million downloads have been recorded on the App Store. The figure fell to 2.7 million in March, from 922,000 in April. So, in addition to the many downloads in the free fall under iOS, knowing that the dynamics of the clubhouse (number of open rooms, attendance, etc.) will be halved, the Android version will change course.

To make matters worse, the social network has found and popularized the emergence of new competition in a prime location. So, Twitter has introduced a clubhouse clone with space, which includes creating audio rooms directly on micro-blogging sites. As for Facebook, it releases heavy artillery with its live audio chambers on audio and an attack carried out on podcasts in conjunction with Spotify. The mastodons on the face of any clubhouse can already be hard.

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