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Cloud software company's stratospheric development sees major milestones downloaded

Cloud software company’s stratospheric development sees major milestones downloaded

Cloud software provider Giacom has recently achieved stratospheric growth by granting its one million product licenses as it closes 50 million in annual sales.

Hull, which started as an internet service provider, now sees great benefit from a strategic decision to change lanes on the super highway, turning to product marketing instead of self-improvement.

In the four years since that strategy was implemented, turnover has risen from $ 13.9 million to nearly $ 50 million. The number of employees will range from 30 to 70, and more are expected.

Chief Executive Mike Wardell was appointed to accept the challenge from KCom, which, after bringing support to the business, is now recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the region, and Microsoft ‘Market Maker’.

It also goes out of the shadows, keeping the brand front and center, whether it’s Hull City shirts, supporting Tech Week Humber or with its own award entries – and subsequent hits.

“Although it was started as a dial-up company in 1999, it is still like a start-up because we have changed a lot in the last four years,” he said, adding that such energy reflects the pace of growth.

Mike Wardell, CEO of Kiacom.

Last year Hazel re-added the revenue it had seen in its first year at the company, giving 207 per cent growth to a mature company, and the way it started the new financial year in July further boosted confidence.

“It’s been a few months and it’s growing very fast and I expect it to continue to progress,” he said. “I think we have a unique proposal.

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“As business models change, we stimulate the market by providing access to products that support small businesses,” Mr Wardell said.

It provides a central link between the big silicon fence names and ground IT companies that serve the business communities they know.

“Four years ago we changed from a technical point of view, all software was generally purchased, but we had things like Netflix and Spotify, the subscription model goes from consumer to business. With that, we got more applications and software than ever before.

“We realized we couldn’t build the software quickly, but could partner with the right vendors to deliver it.

“We have transformed the model into a market stronghold. We have put a lot of effort into finding the right vendors. Now Microsoft is a big partner and many security providers.”

The cloud market is a thriving resource through business, using its proud platform to provide key tools to information technology companies and then serving the mass business market across the country.

A site at Priory Park in Bridge Haven Hesley, Kiacom.
A site at Priory Park in Bridge Haven Hesley, Kiacom.

“We support small IT businesses and they help all small businesses across the UK,” Mr Wardell said. “Small businesses don’t have an IT director, often the finance director doesn’t have to pull it together. That’s why our brand is quiet, we don’t go to consumers, we sit behind the scenes. Our job is to transform IT companies so efficiently and effectively.

“We can get products in seconds or minutes, traditionally it will be a server that will hook it up and set it up.

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“You would have bought a server and then the property would sweat as much as possible. Now, as people get used to the subscription, the model for technology is changing. It will be updated every few days, it will always be updated, so you will always have the latest product. It is growing very fast.”

Formerly a citywide finance director at K.Com, who has served as an early graduate business accountant, Wolfretton recalls a move to a business that is only 5k away from the A-level bay of Form Six.

“Lloyds Bank talked to me about investing and I thought it was a good opportunity to make a big difference,” he initially added as finance director. “I came to build. We had four developers and the capacity to compete was low. We thought we had a great site and we had a great customer base. ”

Now a new strategy is clearly emerging, one of the self-promotions of the Giacom brand, knowing that recruitment can be a challenge.

Over the past four years it has made a short move to the comprehensive Bridge Haven One with Priory Park, which has created an environment with ambition with a technology company.

“We excelled in technology and we have won numerous awards in the industry, but our first entry at the Hull Daily Mail Business Awards and Humber Tech Awards last year, and then people talked to me, achieved what we pointed out.

Mike Wardell, CEO of Jiacom, with a sponsored Hull City shirt.
Mike Wardell, CEO of Kiacom, with a sponsored Hull City shirt and some compliments that came his way.

“I think this is a fantastic company. We really struggle with what we do for employees, but I think people should come here. People are overwhelmed with the office, the environment, the things we do and the culture. We try to see people.

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“Employment must grow at the same rate across the board [as turnover], I think it’s important that we try to add people locally. ”

If they support the Tigers, there is a good chance that the name is already incredibly well known.

“Together with our local club, we are proud to support our city and stand with other big businesses in the region associated with Hull City,” he said of this season’s shirt deal.

“The Jiacom team is pleased to work with the club to grow our federation.

“I was very impressed with the business team. They understood the business, learned about the brand and value. I’m from Hull, I’m a Hull City fan, I had to be careful, is this the right thing for the business? I think it helps to let people know who we are, it’s very relevant to a local club and a local company, and I’m happy with the reaction.

“It’s good for PR, people know who we are, it’s good for employees. We want a business to want people to work, as well as we want a people to be proud.”