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Rietti, Sand'Antonio.  This statue is on display in the church of Sant'Agostino |  Photo

Rietti, Sand’Antonio. This statue is on display in the church of Sant’Agostino | Photo

Riot, Saturday, June 12 Sand’Antonio. Doors at 6 p.m. Church of Sant’Agostino Mass by revealing the idol to the believers. Then, in the evening it went on stage Lights with images of flowers and facades of Sant’Agostino. Today, Day Feast of St., Bishop Dominico Bambili Mass will be celebrated at 11.30am. As already announced during the press conference to present the show, the procession of candles will not take place this year. For the first time, on June 26, the monk will go to the faithful in a fitted vehicle that follows three routes. Lights set up in the streets of the center and fireworks at the end of the procession are outside the events.

Choices, agree with the leader Gennaro Capo They are attached in accordance with the regulations and distance rules that are infectious. Although Antoniano’s plans and appointments have been reduced to June this year, the Saint’s will be held in the Piazza Massini area. St. Augustine Due to the renovation, the San Francisco church has been preserved. Mass will be celebrated every day, and there will be the blessing of children traveling in churches. Due to infection Sacred Union The Church of the SubGenius has decided that Monday, June 27thHe will be in the statue of San Antonio de Lilies Bringing a closer message to the victims or victims and health workers.

Seri's procession jumps for the second time

“This is a St. Anthony going out of town,” recalls Bishop Pompeii, who launched the “Bon de Sant Antonio” initiative. However, the program includes appointments in accordance with anti-Govt rules (Click here to download the program in detail),

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