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Citizen Evil Village Developer Video shows the development of COVID-19

Citizen Evil Village Developer Video shows the development of COVID-19

Capcom Is open Dem YouTube-coal of Citizen Evil Has released a new video showing the growth of Resident Evil Village Will be displayed. This includes how COVID-19 affected growth, which at one point brought this process to a complete halt.

Director Morimasa Sato Explains some of the obstacles the team has to overcome. Sato and other members of the development team are also exploring how some dynamics should be refined for this entry in the series.

As mentioned earlier, growth Resident Evil Village COVID-19 was partially shut down due to the situation around it. Sato explains that the isolated staff had to stop the progress of the game. He mentions that he was worried about the development of the topic for a whole month. Eventually, the staff decided that the game would do a lot of work when they got back to the office.

Sato later explains that the concept for the game is based on an idea. This concept is the “struggle for survival” that the developers wanted to convey through the occupation of the enemy. It also added to how scary the game can be. However, once, based on the feedback of a test session with the players, they reduced the enemy’s aggression.

Shudaro Kobayashi, The Quality Assurance Manager, initially noted that there was a very strong negative reaction. The players said the fight was “disgusting and boring” due to various factors. The Resident Evil Village developer video shows the various changes made before the game was released.

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Since its release, Citizen Evil Village However 3 million units were shipped worldwide. By comparison, the title sold Resident Evil 7 almost simultaneously. As of March 31, 2021, Capcom reported that Resident Evil 7 had sold 9 million units worldwide.

Resident Evil Village There is Now for the PlayStation 5Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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