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Choose Your Legend: Round 6 – Nintendo and Intelligence Systems Ask the Most Popular Fire Icon Heroes Again – ntower

In the annual tradition, Nintendo and the intelligentsia hear about it The most popular characters in the Fire Emblem universeFor the four winners – two from the men’s category and two from the women’s category – with special outfits Fire symbol heroes To allow to occur. To support their favorites in voting, fans have a total of one week with additional voting each day. By participating, you can get bonuses like wallpapers or platinum dots for my Nintendo.

The “Choose Your Myths” poll In the meantime it goes Sixth round. To keep the popular contest excited, you can not vote for previous year winners or their alternative versions. In addition, votes for heroes with multiple options are sometimes put together for fairness. Learn more about the rules and exceptions Explain the part. If you want to explore the comprehensive list of heroes and vote for yourself, you can go straight. Official website Call.

If you want to check out last year’s results, you can Here See.

Which heroes would you vote for? Who do you give a good chance to?

Credit: Fire Symbol Heroes, Official website

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