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Traffic touches 2B downloads and spreads across the networking stock

Chicago Bears Win Again – So Bear Download Podcast talks about resurgent crime, playoff hopes and what’s next at 16th and 17th weeks.


Biden is said to have stepped down as education secretary at Miguel Cardona, head of Connecticut schools

The Washington Post reports that President-elect Joe Biden is set to appoint Miguel Cardona, Connecticut ‘s commissioner of public schools, as secretary of education, and that the announcement could be made before Christmas on Friday. Cardona was nominated for his current position last year, before which he served as assistant supervisor in Meridon, Connecticut, a district of about 9,000 students. He was born in Puerto Rican parents in Meridon and became the youngest president of Connecticut when he was 28 years old. Biden did not offer a final chance, according to Post reports, citing people close to the president-elect, but he met with Cardona almost Monday, only with future first lady Jill Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris. Biden has vowed to select someone with a background in public education for the education sector, and Cardona is seen as a unanimous candidate for Howard University’s Leslie Fenwick, the final contender for Fiden’s other rumor, who is a fierce critic of trial – based accountability and business education policies. “Cardona’s experience in public education is in stark contrast to President Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy Divos, who attended private schools and spent most of her energy advocating for an alternative to public education,” the Post notes. “Although Cardona lived in poverty, Divos was a millionaire and he was rich all his life.” While pushing to reopen public schools amid the COVID-19 epidemic, Cardona slammed the fallout with teacher unions. He has been endorsed by the Hispanic Caucasus of Congress, and Randy Weingarten, president of the American Teachers’ Federation, has called him the “most determined” candidate. Many stories on Televisionist Pat Robertson Biden wins, will not be president for long, urges ‘irregular’ Trump to retire Will the bad days of Trump’s presidency continue? Texas Veers from National Vaccine Guidelines Prioritize Essential Workers Over 65

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