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Characters, structure and historical period revealed by a leak -

Characters, structure and historical period revealed by a leak –

The first details are dedicated to appearing online, by leak Mafia4, A new episode in the 2K and Hunger game series, has not yet been officially announced. According to previous rumors the game is in development, however, with this new leak we have a chance to find out Characters, structure and historical period.

The leak claims to be one of Mafia 4’s Corrupt policeman A judge is trying to put an end to the power of the Mafia. First, Hein engages himself in the criminal world through a round of illegal betting. The plot is not entirely straightforward as the player can decide whether to continue the life of an offender or put an end to the criminal associations of the game. Rumor is not about many outcomes, but they are with the idea of ​​deciding how to proceed with the conspiracy. However, we can play the judge with trips based on trials against the Mafia.

Mafia Limited Edition

According to revelations, Mafia 4 will happen again City, Including Lost Heaven and Saint Fortuna, and from the 1940s to the 1980s. Unfortunately this is all we know so far.

As always, we remind you that we are talking about one Rumor, Not official information. The source is anonymous and claims to have obtained these details from someone within the ESRB (our PEGI-like classification system). Not yet announced for consideration of the game, it is odd that ESRB has access to all of these details. In general, leaks such as this one should be handled with caution. However, what has been reported cannot be officially denied.

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One thing is for sure, Mafia 4 tops many fan lists, especially after the excellent work done on Mafia Definitive Edition.