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Cashway Credit Application Review: Download, Apply, Repay, Is It Safe? Kenya News

Every day, people lose their jobs or face pay cuts. To survive in these difficult economic times, mobile loan applications have become the go-to solution for many. Cashway loan application is one of the available options.

Cashway Credit Utility Logo. Photo: ash Kashvekenya
Source: Facebook

Since there is only a smartphone, anyone can access the Cashway credit app. It is owned by Waganda Credit Limited. Considering the difficult conditions required for financial institutions to obtain funds, more and more Kenyans are turning to this easy access and quick loan.

How to access cashway loans?

To borrow at Cashway, you only need a smartphone and an Miza account. Once registered, the user is eligible for the loan. The minimum amount a customer can borrow is KShs 500, and the maximum is KShs 50,000. Users applying for this service must be 18 years of age or older.

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How does the Cashway loan application work?

The application allows users to register their Mepsa number and apply for a loan, after which they can apply for the required amount. After this, the application is approved. The client then receives the money through MPesa in a few minutes.

With such a simple application process, many may ask, ” Is cache use safe? ” Yes. The application uses data on the user’s phone, including their information, to verify their identity and generate a credit score. They then encrypt the data shared by the user to protect their privacy. This information is never shared with third parties.

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Download the Cashway app for Android

So far, more than 1,000,000 installations have been made in the Cashway credit application download. Once you have installed, you will need to create a profile, get a credit limit, and then apply. It can be installed on any Android device. The corresponding steps are as follows Install the app:

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1. Connect to the Internet.

2. Start the Google Play Store.

3. Download and install the Cashway Credit app for free.

After downloading the app, you need to make sure that you read, understand and adhere to the Terms of Use of the app. The application must be constantly updated. This will ensure that it operates at its optimum level.

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How to repay a cashway loan

Cashway Credit Application

Photo: ash Kashvekenya
Source: Facebook

The short repayment period for borrowed funds is 91 days and the longest is 180 days. The interest rate is 36% APR (annual percentage rate). There is no service charge. The down payment is encouraged as it helps to increase the credit limit.

Cashway Baby number 900068. Your account number is your phone number. Currently, Cashway does not have a USSD code. Debtors will send their financial and credit details to the Credit Reference Bureau (CRP). Late fees will also be used.

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Cashway Credit Application Review

Many users consider Cashway to be Kenya’s best instant credit application. It takes less time to process, as well as the security of their details. Beyond that, there are still some users who do not have the best experience in the application.

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The application has the unique feature of retaining the customer’s personal details, which makes it reliable and trustworthy. It is also worth noting that these details are not shared with third parties.

However, accessing the app to other contacts of the so-called client when it comes time to repay is of concern to some. Other user reviews from the Google Play Store include:

1. Emmanuel Nomo, October 20, 2020

” This is one of the coolest applications …. immediate delivery. I love the experience. Everyone goes for this app, no disappointment. ” ‘

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2. Monte Weiss, October 20, 2020

” This is a very exciting app and I did not really expect your services to be there. You really helped me and I hope you will repay your loan on time.

3. Stephen Mbaga, October 11, 2020

” This is a good reliable financial application, thank you! ” ‘

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Cashway Credit Contacts

Cashway Credit Application

Source: UGC

The digital payer has offices in Nairobi and operates in Kenya. You can visit them or access them online. You can also access them by phone.

In the prevailing economic conditions, Kenyans are looking for different sources of income. Many people, in times of crisis or emergency, are looking for the best application to take out an instant loan. Cashway loan utilization makes this possible by providing them with a quick, secure and reliable solution.

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In July of this year released a list of mobile loans and their interest rates in Kenya. Among them M-Swari charges 7.5% facility for 30 days. Many other mobile credit services have borrowed heavily from this. They are becoming more popular as Kenyans seek alternative ways of survival.

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