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How to know how hot your iPhone is?

How to know how hot your iPhone is?

Earlier in the week, we warned that the extreme temperatures associated with a heat wave could permanently damage your iPhone’s battery. Even if he doesn’t take much damage, he can go into “survival mode” to cool down. In this case, there is not much you can do with your device.

The following question may seem obvious, but I hope no one has asked me: How do you know if your iPhone is overheating?

“It has an application.”

For starters, you can wait to get a warning that your iPhone’s temperature is too high. You know it’s too hot. But yes, it’s too late. Still, this is the only technique offered by Apple.

However, the iPhone must have a built-in temperature sensor and must have applications capable of reading and displaying this data. Of course, “there is [aussi] An application for that.

Well, I found one! But before, I had to download and test dozens of apps to find one that would display temperature sensor data.

Find out the temperature of your iPhone

My finder is called Battery and charger test. Although it’s pretty basic and has a lot of ads (some of which I could have done without), it also shows the temperature and seems reasonably accurate. I checked the iPhone’s temperature using a thermal camera, and heated and cooled the iPhone to monitor temperature changes.

It seems reasonably accurate. So far, that’s the best we have.

Battery charge and test app shows internal sensor temperature

After testing this app, I searched the app store and searched for dozens of other apps, but couldn’t find anything related. If you know of another app that can measure temperature, please let me know.

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Alternative methods

Don’t care about the app? Here are two other methods:

  • Use a non-contact thermometer (infrared thermometer or thermal imaging camera);
  • Touch the phone: If it overheats your hands (be careful not to burn yourself), it’s too hot to work properly!

It’s a shame that Apple didn’t come forward with this information, as it could help users extend their battery life.