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Campaign trailer - Upgrade system and open world elements from

Campaign trailer – Upgrade system and open world elements from

The halo is infinite Returned today with the new trailer of the campaign, which showed various aspects of the game, including some specific elements related to it.Open world And this Update system This will characterize the evolution of the primary leader in the game.

The trailer for the campaign debuted today, after beta sessions dedicated to multiplayer. Single player Based on Hollow Infinite (or Cooperative Multiplayer, however, will only come after launch) and the open world we face, its implications are visible in some elements of the trailer.

There is a clear alternative between indoor sessions and outdoor trips, setting the scene for the massive Zeta Halo Master Chief adventures, searching for Cordana and the mysteries hidden in the grand installation.

In addition to the main task, the open world system has a variety of advantages Sub Search, In which we do not know much more.

In the video (e.g. at 3:33 min), however, some installations appear to be outposts controlled by the Punish, which is the basis on which the Master Chief must clash. Page Tasks To continue. All of this is reflected in some of the components that can be defined as RPG in Hollow Infinite.

Completion of these tasks also allows the protagonist to progress through success Spartan Core, Which can invest in elements that represent points of experience and the evolution of the primary leader and the opening up of further improvements.

Meanwhile, from the video shown above, taken from the trailer of the campaign, you can see the brief description of the use of the update system used in this case to improve the thrusters. Increase movement by Master Chief. For the rest, we are reminded that the release date of Hollow Infinite is set for December 8, 2021.

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