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Call of Duty Warson, cheater unleashed by game actress: banned from Twitch

Call of Duty Warson, cheater unleashed by game actress: banned from Twitch

It was celebrated a few days ago Completion of the first year Warson, Battle Royale of the series Call of duty, Which is run every day by millions of users on consoles and PCs. A year has already passed, yet Blake Cheater Constantly harassing players who are constantly threatened Purpose, Wallock And other “tricks” designed to achieve success without the slightest effort.

This is a situation that cannot be easily digested by some streamers and pro players including Alex Zetra, even the face of one of his most famous characters Call of duty modern war: Here’s what happened during his last live show.

COD Warson: Mara scans actress cheats, Twitch intervenes

In the last months Implementation The Call of Duty waged a real war against fraudsters, operating thousands of obstacles – in a single day February 2 60,000 accounts have been blocked – and new security measures such as two-factor authentication have been implemented. Nonetheless, it may not be enough to convince Warson “deceivers” that they have found more and more unique ways to succeed in a fraudulent way.

Fortunately, as happened last weekend, the community is taking care to intervene to report any suspicious activity. Alex Zetra A content creator e Streamer, Especially known for lending his face to COD fans Mara, One of the most dynamic characters from Modern Warfare and Warson. After shutting down one of his latest live streams, Zetra hosted another Call of Duty streamer on his channel, only to realize this Sarah “IC Vixen” Bells He uses cheats when broadcasting the game live.

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So Jetra shared a clip on Twitter The cheater was caught in the Red Hunter, Content Reporting to Twitch: When Bellas is shot by an opposing player in the movie, we “see” him – almost miraculously – through a ridge of the earth. IC was Vixen Was immediately suspended From the Amazon site.

Reporting is also involved Beardbanker, Partner of Sarah Bellas and, incidentally, user of cheaters. In his latest livestream cheater defended the woman He looked at Alex Zetra, Calls her to the 1v1 challenge in Call of Duty. After denying the allegations related to the use Purpose e Wallock, Beardbanker also saw the suspension of its Twitch channel.

Prior to the ban, Beardbanker had removed all live streams stored on its channel, with the apparent intention of removing any potential evidence proving the use of fraud. However, the streamer was blocked by YouTuber Batboy Beamon, who immediately released a video in which Beardbanker’s amazing “plays” were collected: in the clips we watch Maneuvers are completely impossible without the use of a hack, A movement that not even a professional player can copy, as it constantly monitors the heads of enemies.

Following the Twitch ban, both IC Vixen and Beardbanker deleted their Twitter profiles. It seems that Activision has not yet suspended their Call of Duty accounts, but, given the US company’s policy, we believe it will only last for hours.

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