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Calendar 2022 can be printed in many formats for free

Calendar 2022 for free printing on all formats

Need a practical calendar, including public holidays, to print for 2022 instead of an expensive wall calendar? PC-WELT shows you how to conveniently download and print a calendar without much hassle or expense. Customize to your own liking. DIY!

Calendarpedia offers you many templates

You can choose from a variety of templates and download and print the most suitable calendar for you for free. For example, you can choose which state your calendar should be in. So you can take a look at which public holidays apply in your state. You also have the option to select a calendar for all federal states or for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After this selection, there are different formats for you to choose from. Portrait, landscape, months-horizontally or days-linear. Find the right design for you.

One of the many different calendar formats available on

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One of the various calendar formats on

More formats in Calendar Media

You have children – you can also choose the school calendar including school holidays. Other options include a weekly calendar, a semester calendar, a semester calendar, an academic calendar, a two-year calendar or a three-year calendar.

Customize your calendar

Once you find the calendar that suits you, it can definitely be customized, allowing you to add important days and birthdays yourself. Calendars are stored in .xlsx format so you can easily edit the calendar in Excel. These are compatible with Microsoft Office and free Excel alternatives for Mac such as FreeOffice, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs. In addition to the Excel format, you can also use a Word or PDF format

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To be selected.

One of the various calendar formats on

Zoom in

One of the many different calendar formats available on

Switch to Calendar Media

If you are not satisfied with the look of the calendar from, there are alternative download options. So provide pages,,,,
Additional possibilities for creating the appropriate calendar, downloading it, and printing it if necessary.

Buy the calendar on Amazon

Of course, there is also the option to order a calendar, so you can save for downloading and printing yourself, but you pay accordingly. There are also useful calendars on Amazon. Among other things, the standard model of the wall calendar for 2022 is at 7.99 euros. So you can keep track throughout the year. Other popular models are the 3 month calendar from 9.99 Euro and the Table Transverse Planner from 8.99 Euro.

Photo calendar from Cewe

If you are looking for a luxurious hanging calendar with a very personal touch, photo calendars may be more for you. How do the best providers compare. Here you can download the software and design your calendar with your own photos and pictures. You can order from various sites: Online photo service from Cewe, Amazon, Dm, Müller, Rossmann, Budni, Edeka, Saturn, Kaufland, Real, Otto or Ringfoto. Customized annual planners are available from 3. 3.99, while monthly calendars are priced accordingly. Here you can select and design a variety of designs.

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