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BT has removed super fast download speeds for some users

BT has removed super fast download speeds for some users

BT has quietly dropped all 5G mobile plans from its website. This means that new customers who want to sign up for a new smartphone deal from BT will not be able to access mobile data speeds as fast as possible, which is five times faster than the average UK broadband speed. It is important to note that current customers downloading files faster and refreshing social media feeds at 5G speeds will not be affected by the changes, which only applies to new users.

BT, which bought EE in 2016 for a whopping $ 12.5 billion, launched its own 5G contracts last year. EE was the first network to launch 5G in the UK, so it makes sense for its parent company to take action and make super-speed mobile data available to more users. Back in February, BT made 5G available to all its customers in an expansion of its current 5G plan.

However, it seems that BT has now removed the latter Absolutely From its online store. In a complete reversal, Internet Service Provider (ISP) has now removed 5G from all new smartphone and SIM-only options available in its online store. In a bit of a cumbersome move, consumers will not be able to tick it off – even though there is an option to search only for 5G handsets to buy from retailers. If you can find a 5G-ready smartphone from the BT Store, you will be able to connect to superfast 5G networks from EE or other providers. But you will not benefit from speeding if you stick. BT now only offers 4G to new customers.

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This change was first noticed by a clever team on a broadband-engaged blog ISPreview. BT said in a statement that it had decided to remove 5G from all available deals to simplify offering to customers.

Not only that, the decision promotes its EE brand, which is consistently winning after Gong for its extensive 4G and 5G network coverage and speed as the only place to buy a 5G smartphone. BT recently brought its brand back to High Street by bringing its products and customer service representatives into EE brick and mortar stores. Until recently, it was possible to purchase 5G contracts from both BT and EE within a single store, which was a bit confusing.

Thanks to the new simplification, it is no longer an issue. If you are looking for the newest and greatest smartphone with 5G speeds, you will be redirected towards EE discount. Simple.

There are many other products that both BT and EE currently offer, including home broadband, TV set-top boxes and more. It remains to be seen whether BT plans to divide these in such a way that customers do not have to choose between the two brands.

In a statement to ISPreview, a BT spokesperson said: “We are updating our BT mobile packages to provide simplicity and flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers and their families. Selection from three simple data packages with calls and texts.