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"Super Thunder Moon": Everything you need to know to observe it this Wednesday, July 13?

“Super Thunder Moon”: Everything you need to know to observe it this Wednesday, July 13?

Be sure to check the skies on Wednesday, July 13 to enjoy the “Super Thunder Moon.” An astronomical phenomenon that makes the full moon appear larger than usual.

A “Super Moon” will occur on the night of July 13-14. It can be observed till 4.52 am. This time it’s been nicknamed the “Super Thunder Moon” because it appears in July and is particularly prone to these strong thunderstorms.

What is this phenomenon?

It’s a full moon, but not just any moon: this time it’s more visible than ever, appearing 14% bigger and 30% brighter. Also known as “perigee-syzygia”, this phenomenon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth and the moon is full. This Wednesday, the Moon will be exactly 357,264 km from our planet.

When is the best time to notice it?

It appears in the sky as the sun sets at 10 p.m. It can be enjoyed till 4:52 AM on July 14th. If you are a little more comfortable, you can also observe the comet passing by at a speed of 615 km/s, 270 million kilometers from Earth.

How not to miss the show?

The current high heat makes the weather conditions ideal, and the moon is visible to the naked eye without any difficulty. But you can equip yourself with some equipment to observe it more precisely. The final “Super Moon” will occur this summer on August 11th.

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