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Senron Kakura - Nerdu 4. Psychemes Announces Life Action Fiction Project GAM

Senron Kakura – Nerdu 4. Psychemes Announces Life Action Fiction Project GAM

Psychemes Announced the development of a new game called Project GAMM, Should obviously be defined later with a title, but this is already interesting Action fantasy Author of the Senran Kakura series.

So this mysterious project will produce GAMM drive Kenichiro Takaki, Very popular for the series Senran Kakura, Anyone who wants to try something new with this project from Cygames.

Kenichiro Takaki, the creator of the Senron Kakura series, is developing the project GAMM

He is accompanied by illustrator Mokmo, composer Shiro Sakis and designer Kiyoshi Arai, Who worked with Square Enix in various episodes of the Final Fantasy series. The details are still scattered, but although it is not clear whether the usual characteristics of the Senron Kakura series, or whether the girls are destined to be the protagonists, the project is very interesting.

What we do know is that this is a topic that is mainly focused on fighting Multiplayer In an action context, a world is set Magic and machines They are mainly with the combination of dynamics and magic that animates androids and various tools.

The protagonist is a The young magician Or a young witch, but actors There is also a maid, a robot and a knight, each of whom seems to be able to play a major role in the story and is destined.

Meanwhile, Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Relink from Sycamore is still scheduled for 2022 and interesting project awareness seems to have disappeared from the radar.