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Boom Beach Frontlines Android, How to install and download?  - Breakflip

Boom Beach Frontlines Android, How to install and download? – Breakflip

Boom Beach Frontlines is a mobile strategy game that will soon be available on iOS, but also on Android, and we will show you how to download and install it.

Boom Beach Frontlines Supercell’s a new mobile strategy game that will only be released in Canada on Tuesday, October 19th.

Title So currently unable to play in France, But it can still be obtained. In fact, Via a VPN, You can access the Canadian Play Store and download the game. This way you can play Boom Beach Frontlines! We describe everything below.

How To Download And Install Boom Beach Frontline On Android Mobile?

If you want to play Boom Beach Frontline on Android mobile, you need to know it for now, The title is not in France, but can be played in Canada (Proof) To enjoy the game in France, You need to go through a VPN Like the Nord VPN, it currently costs 2.80 euros per month if you subscribe for 2 years. With this VPN, You can install and download the game And here is the procedure to follow:

  • Create first A new Google Account
  • Now clear the data and cache Google Play
  • Then connect to VPN and find out in Canada
  • Start the store now Your new account has been created
  • Finally download Boom Beach Frontlines In the Google Play Canada Store, then Start the game with your VPN

Here you go, you can enjoy Boom Beach Frontlines from your smartphone in France. Of course, This is only a temporary solution and this game will be released in France in the coming weeks or months..

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