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Bold Default 2: The final trailer for the Nintendo Direct before release

Bold Default 2: The final trailer for the Nintendo Direct before release

Bold Default2 Returns to show itself Trailer final Taken from Nintendo Live What the final presentation video should have been last night, or before the game was released on the Nintendo Switch, is coming soon.

New episode of the acclaimed JRPG series Square Enix Comes on Nintendo console February 26, 2021, Or next week, so we’re now ready to join the Heroes of Light and embark on a new epic adventure based on crystals and legends.

The world is in great danger. Floods, rising temperatures, runaway nature: The theft of crystals endangers all living things! But hope dies last: the Knights of Light, the four most famous warriors, have the ability to restore balance between elements.

Join the protagonist Seth and his friends Gloria, Elvis and Adele on a journey through the bustling part of Excellence. Use the combined abilities of their powers to defeat the enemies who stole the crystals and solve the chaos that threatens to destroy the world!

You can boldly try the default 2 immediately for the demo that Square Enix got some time ago on the Nintendo eShop, but to learn more, we mention trying it after a ten-hour play written by Christian Collie. The title in question is pending review.

In the meantime, you can also review the combat system in an exclusive video released in recent days, all of which focus on specific application Default and Del Brave, Which will give the series its name.

Boldly takes on the atmosphere and themes of the default chapter 2 with a new story