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Biore wanted to release a first-person spin-off for the Nintendo DS

Biore wanted to release a first-person spin-off for the Nintendo DS

The overall effect Undoubtedly one of the best science fiction IPs in gaming history, and according to the latest reports from developer Mark Darra, who has spent most of his career in the bio Canadian software home Nintendo DS.

In an interview with Minmax, Darra revealed that the purpose of the bio is to produce Mass effect Corsair, First person title In it the player plays the role of a kind of space pirate inspired by the character of Hon Solo. The idea was born out of the influence of the sci-fi video game series Star control, And the title will be published Nintendo DS.

“You would have controlled a spaceship, you would have been free,” More like Hon Solo character than Ghost. You can move freely, carry loads and explore. The information collected may have been sold to the Coalition. “. On his ship, the player will inevitably take part in space battles.

The management of one’s own spacecraft represents the only feature that is firmly felt by the studio at the prototype stage: “basically, All we had in the beginning were flight restrictions, But the rest of the game is all gone “.

The project was eventually abandoned because Bioware needed particularly expensive cartridges to support the software, and Nintendo sold its DS titles for about $ 30. With one The normal estimate is that 50,000 copies will be sold, No financial gain was seen from the bioware process, So he decided to put an end to everything.

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Speaking of ex-bio, Casey Hudson has announced that they have opened Humanoid Studio, A new software house dedicated to the development of unpublished IPs.