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TikTok allows users to download longer videos - L'Observateur de Troyes

TikTok allows users to download longer videos – L’Observateur de Troyes

The world’s most popular video is undergoing a major transformation on the social network. From, Dictoc users can share videos for up to three minutes. Assuming that previously the limit was 60 seconds it would involve an extreme leap.

This is not the first time the stage has made such a decision. In principle, it should be remembered Tick ​​tock It supported videos for up to 15 seconds, but then extended them to a minute. However, late last year, he began exploring the possibility of re-expanding the term with the aim of attracting more content creators.

“With long videos, […] They have the canvas to create new or expanded content in Dictoc, with a little more space flexibility, ”said Drew Kirchhoff, the company’s product manager. Tick ​​tock The purpose is to enable users to expand their posts, There is no need to divide the content into several parts.

It is true that is a common practice Dick The public should be invited to follow up to access the sequel to a release, the 60-second limit has already created some inconvenience. In addition, the popular video site is constantly looking for features to differentiate itself from the competition.

Three-minute videos, a new feature of Dictoc

First Tick ​​tock Increased the length of your messages from 15 to 60 seconds, many sites They copied it without many interruptions. The origins of YouTube shorts and Snapshot’s Spotlight are one of the most resonant events “inspired” by the popular social network.

However, the new extension of the period of their videos raises a new question: How far can Dictok extend its functionality without losing its essence? It is clear that all conclusions are based on the study of statistics and interactions, which are not random. However, it will be interesting to see how users will react when the feature is actually implemented.

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The option to download videos for up to three minutes will come up on Dictoc “in the coming weeks”. Users will see a notification about the new limit when the update is available.