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Bill Spencer - Nert 4. Life Says Bethesda Will Be Important For Xbox's Growth

Bill Spencer – Nert 4. Life Says Bethesda Will Be Important For Xbox’s Growth

Per Bill Spencer Acquisition Bethesda Will be important for growth Xbox. Larry “Major Nelson” The head of the Xbox division on the last episode of the Hripin podcast did not reveal specific details about it, but in addition to the games announced as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, some announced that they were impressed with him.

With regard to the acquisition, everything is going as planned and must be approved in the contract 2021 Without problems. However, Bethesda continues to operate as a full-fledged company at present (although we can imagine a change in its current management).

Spencer is looking forward to closing the deal and starting working with Genimax (Bethesda-owned group) studios, which he attributes to Xbox’s success and an incredible addition to the studios. First party Microsoft is now more than any other hardware manufacturer.

At this point we are curious to know what are the first games from Bethesda and other software companies that will be released exclusively on Xbox. At this point Spencer is not unbalanced, but we imagine he will do it when the contract is definitely closed.

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