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Beware of these frequent mistakes

Beware of these frequent mistakes

There are situations where the security of our Whatsapp account and the integrity of our smartphone are compromised. What to avoid.

WhatsApp Mistakes Do not take photos from the internet

How to do without WhatsApp? Some are switching to Telegram, Discord and other direct competitors of Mark Zuckerberg’s processor. But most people still stick to the most popular instant messaging app on the planet.

For a good decade, millions of people around the world continue to use Whatsapp, and its use has become a well-established habit that needs to be implemented throughout the day. But due care should be taken in using this application.

In fact, using it lightly and without thinking about the consequences can sometimes lead to irreversible situations. Think for a moment to cite an example of what is the transfer of sensitive data and audio and visual content.

Whatsapp, beware of these mistakes

Photos from the web

Even the introduction of end-to-end encryption, which means that what is written in a chat is only visible to interested authors, is unfortunately not 100% secure. Because the transfer of the above data must necessarily pass through the servers that are subject to the problems. Telegram is a non-issue.

We need to take all the necessary precautionary measures when using Wahtsapp on the computer. The Internet version may endanger our privacy because we may forget to leave. As a result, anyone can take care of our business.

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Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Again, make sure the automatic backup is active. It serves Save our chats from time to time. In the event of a sudden change of mobile phone, malfunction or loss, all our conversations will remain the same.

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Again, disabling is good Automatic media download. like this We will choose Storing anything between audio files, photos and videos saves our device’s memory space and its good performance for a long time. Not to mention that we will not waste precious performances on our meter connection.