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Activision-Blizzard: Sony lands following Microsoft acquisition announcement

Activision-Blizzard: Sony lands following Microsoft acquisition announcement

The main news of the week is without a doubt Notice of acquisition of the group Activation-Blizzard (Including King) By Microsoft For nearly $ 70 billion. Inevitably, the stock markets panicked following the news Reduce action Sony $ 20 billionAs the number of other publishers has increased, some are already imagining that other acquisitions will come. But the real question that players are interested in is next of all Call of duty And other topics of the publisher will continue at the cross-platform. Phil Spencer does not want to alienate communities, It does not take us far. And what do you think of all this Sony ? Well, the Japanese giant spoke quickly.

Through it Bloomberg We know that as a spokesperson Sony Said as follows The Wall Street Journal :

We expect Microsoft to value Activision deals and ensure that Activision games are cross-platform.

Yes, it is not unknown to you PlayStation Some exclusives are entitled, for example, to highlight e-game competitions Call of duty, So it refers to the basis of documents and signed agreements. As was the case Deathloop And many more Ghostwire: Tokyo, Microsoft It is therefore necessary to meet the obligations that may in the short term prevent the privatization of certain licenses in the universe. Xbox.

It remains to be seen, however, what strategy he is going to employ. Microsoft, But what exactly is it Game The Boss Well fed, Subscription you can see Amazon.

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